Professional Mediation Services


  · Effective and sensitive mediation services with lasting and functional agreements 

· 80% of the cases I mediate for Justice Court result in an agreement filed with the Court*

· 13+ years’ experience successfully troubleshooting children’s behavioral issues, sensory processing challenges, and executive function and planning problems

· Needs of child prioritized and addressed utilizing the strengths of both parents

· Intuitive skills to productively empathize with the parties

· Analytical skills to organize chaotic and overwhelming situations

· Continued trust placed in me by repeat clients

· My rates are $150/hour with some sliding scale slots currently available for qualified limited income clients

*80% settlement rate based on all civil and small claims case mediations in 2017 and 2018

Conflict Coaching for individuals and couples


Mediation preparation, Individual & Couples Coaching

· As an outside party, I analyze the conflict and organize your needs so that you can come to an amicable resolution on your own

· Coaching for mediation with a professional facilitator or a more informal discussion: prepare beforehand

· Make confident decisions and identify current and future needs

· Be more productive, stay focused, know exactly what you genuinely want despite the often intensely emotional negotiation 

·  Be clearly heard and appreciated by the other person

·  Decrease the time that you spend mediating and spend less money overall while increasing your satisfaction

· Lower frustration for all involved

· Learn tools you can use anytime you are engaging conflict 

·  Strengthen your co-parenting relationship with a former partner 

· Meet conflicts head-on for more satisfying outcomes and less on-going stress

·  Learn to see the main obstacles of your conflict

· Gain tools to negotiate productively and keep from falling into old patterns

· Find common ground to start from and build on to work through your conflicts

There’s often a lot at stake!

Learn about our one-hour conflict coaching service: "Coffee & Conflict" below

Conflict Engagement Coaching and Training for businesses


In your business, conflict stops your employees and managers from being as productive as they could be which affects your bottom line, or worse, leads to distractions and injuries on the job.  Get ahead of fostering a positive company culture and retain your best employees.  Train your managers to become experts at engaging conflict. Don't let lack of experience with conflict become an expensive problem. 

  • Lower the number of employee grievances
  • Spend less time and money on follow-up
  • Discover the root causes of grievances
  • Shorten your resolution process
  • Increase your revenue per employee by increasing the efficiency of your grievance process with more direct conflict engagement
  • On-going conflict engagement training and support for managers and employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce turnover
  • Reduce litigation 

I can provide issue-specific services and management training that can help you and your people manage issues on your own.  In a time when we may feel ignoring conflict is the standard order of business, a little work can go a long way to making our relationships at work more satisfying, successful, and productive. I look forward to supporting you. Drop me a quick line here and let me know what is going on to get you started.  

Coffee and Conflict Coaching for individuals and couples


To help meet the needs of the many types of day-to-day conflicts we all face, Clear Path offers what I call, “Coffee and Conflict” service. I meet with clients over a cup of coffee for an hour. I listen, analyze, organize, and coach clients to resolve their issues on their own. (Alternatively, for those of us that don’t have time to get out for coffee and for long-distance clients, video conferencing options are also available.) I follow up the Coffee and Conflict session with an email outlining the key issues of the conflict including my analysis and suggestions. Getting my unbiased point of view and learning tools you can use again, and again, is invaluable to moving through a conflict instead of letting them embitter you and ruin your relationships. Coffee and Conflict sessions are currently $125 for a single session and you can schedule online. For a limited time, you can sign up for a 40% discounted rate for an initial Coffee and Conflict session here.