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My Experience

Nancy DesRosiers, Clear Path Mediation Support: experience with District and Justice Court cases


I started my business more than five years ago after my own family conflict caused me a lot of stress. I could not find the support I needed here in Bozeman. Since then, I chose to learn more about conflict and am now a certified mediator with the Montana Mediation Association, and an approved mediator with District Court. I have managed the two largest volunteer mediation programs in the Gallatin Valley through our local Community Mediation Center. Over the years I’ve seen many diverse conflicts. With my business, Clear Path, I bring my version of alternative dispute resolution to our community. Instead of going to the courts and allowing a judge to resolve our conflicts for us, or letting a disagreement fester, I help my clients create solutions to their conflicts that really work for their unique situations. Contact me today about how I can support you throughout a family conflict, workplace conflict or other community-related issue.

Clear Path's Services

Going through a divorce is rough on any family. Get support in addition to your family and friends


Clear Path offers two main services:

Conflict coaching 

I analyze the conflict and organize your needs so that you can come to an amicable resolution on your own. Whether you’re preparing for mediation with a professional facilitator or a more informal discussion, my analysis and organization prepare my clients beforehand. 

Professional Mediation Services

for Family, Community, and Workplace disputes

Why Clear Path?

Help protect your family and your future by keeping a handle on your dispute.

 The impact of my coaching on my client's outcomes have been incredible! What I’ve seen with my clients first, is a huge weight has lifted, and the fear  or anger subsides so they can feel more like themselves. The second thing I see is a much more productive formal mediation or informal discussion where my client stays focused, knows exactly what they genuinely want, and are more productive despite the often intensely emotional negotiation. There’s often a lot at stake! My clients have told me they didn’t see the main obstacles of their conflict before we sat down and analyzed it together. They didn’t have the tools to negotiate productively and to keep from falling into old patterns. With my help they found some common ground to start from and build on to get past their conflicts.